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Monnalisa Spring / Summer 2016 Collection
The Spring/Summer Monnalisa collection has lines as the main protagonist. These are: dry in immaculate organzas, overlapping on waisted dresses, soft in comfortable crepe marocain trousers, overlapping in the fun tulle multilayered skirts, tied sarong style over scalloped lace leggings, fluid in beautiful single button cady jackets, assymmetric in tops that have long dancing fringes and decisive in viscose javanaise box cut t-shirts, replacing jersey. Floral prints fly lightly and brighten up all fabrics joyfully: the ultralight nylon of short jackets, the crisp taffeta of important dresses, double tulle blouses, fresh cotton skirts, organza bodices, precious thread cardigans. In the corollas of flowers, almost like a trompe l’oeil effect, rhinestones shine like dew drops.

Grav Grav is a woodworking brand based in Istanbul founded in 2011 by Merve Burma. Inspired by nature, Merve strive to create uniquely spirited wooden bags using materials such as walnut, oak and beech combined with leathers.
Soft Gallery Fall / Winter 2015 Collection Soft Gallery Fall / Winter 2015 Collection
The Soft Gallery AW15 Collection “The Scene” is all about living with your eyes wide open. It's about engaging in life. About seeing, feeling and living it all.

Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, the creative minds behind Soft Gallery, have worked with a group of artists and created this season’s lovely, wild and intriguing soft galleries. Inspired by the raw immediateness of the street – the art, the music, the dancing, the fashion, the people – the collection celebrates individuality, personality and difference: Punks, graffiti painters and hipsters.

Mix and match. Create and combine. Make your own story. Be free. Be true. Be you.
Little Remix Fall / Winter 2015 Collection Little Remix Fall / Winter 2015 Collection
The Little Remix Fall / Winter 2015 collection is a tribute to Sergio Corbucci's cult Western picture, “Django”, with its harshness broken down by calm glances of the prairie. It embodies the life of a cowboy: from independent and free spirited horseback riding in the prairie, to the devil-maycare attitude when entering a saloon in a Wild West town. The collection is designed for the independent girl, who has no qualms in standing up for herself and her friends.