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Here Are Some Ways You Can Extend The Lifespan Of Kids Clothes

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fashion for the kids is something that changes like the wind. Style and fashion does change quickly but with the added factor of the growth and changing minds of children a favourite coat or pair of shoes may be discarded not a week or month later.

Boho Isn't Just For Summer! Try These Winter Style Tricks

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Year after year the boho trend continues to be worn by women of all ages. This is not hard to see why. From intricate floral patterns to long flowing fabric, it’s a look that is both chic and comfortable. It’s versatility also means it can be worn for either formal events or casual, relaxed evenings. However, the boho look is often one associated with summer. It’s loose silhouettes are perfect for staying cool during hot weather. But just because it’s now winter doesn’t mean you have to banish your boho clothes to the back of your wardrobe. Here are some style tricks you can use to help you immerse yourself in the boho trend even when it’s cold outside.

Kid's Style: Biker Girl

Saturday, August 27, 2016

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Dressing A Child For A Summer Wedding

Thursday, June 2, 2016
A Tender Moment
A summer wedding is a celebration for everyone, and it gives you a great opportunity to treat yourself and your little one to a special outfit.

There is a huge range of clothes and accessories for both boys and girls, so enjoy yourself! But think about the venue and be prepared for unpredictable weather too. For a little girl, a beautiful princess dress will be perfect. However, if it is a cool or rainy day, have a pretty raincoat to wear over the top. Maybe as the day wears on she would like to ditch the gown and play with the other children? So a change of clothes popped into the car could be a good idea. Look at her footwear and have the option to change from sparkly shoes or flowery sandals to a pair of practical trainers. There are times when a girl just has to run or play hide and seek, even at a wedding! http://www.styleforminikind.com/2015/06/vans-x-disney-princess-collection.html showcases some gorgeous princess-print trainers!

We all love a makeover for a wedding, so consider a new hairstyle for the wedding. Maybe she could have some curls or a princess plait. What is needed is a beautiful bow or special hair band to finish and complete the look. Take a look at online boutiques like http://bowsandbands.net/5-big-bow-hairstyles-in-retro-fashion/. This page will give you inspiration for a classy hairstyle suitable for wedding. The bride may be in a tiara, and the bridesmaids may have flowers in their hair. Let your little one enjoy feeling special as well.

Don’t neglect the boy of the house. Allow him to feel grown up and important on this special day. When browsing the shops or online, you will discover a whole range of outfits, from the very formal little suits with waistcoats. This will run right through to more relaxed and on style clothing. Wearing a shirt and maybe even a tie can be a real treat for your little one. Maybe he can have the same colour tie as dad or complement the colour theme you have gone for. You can get more matching Father and Son inspiration at https://uk.pinterest.com/search/pins/!

If on a budget you could dress him in a pair of trousers that could then be used for school. You may want him to wear a jacket. Remember, this doesn’t have to match the trousers. He can go for a more informal look and wear a waistcoat. This will be cooler on a summer day than a jacket and again is stylish and smart.

Make sure he has a change of clothes to allow him to relax later on in the day. He will want to join in the fun and wearing his formal shoes, and his tie may not be the best idea! Trainers with a T-shirt and shorts will make life more comfortable. Save his best for next time! This is a good guide if it does need a good clean upon your return home! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3067042/The-ultimate-guide-wash-EVERYTHING.html

Whatever you choose to dress your children in, think about a colour theme. Avoid white; that is the bride's colour! Think about the accessories; they make an outfit. Whether it’s the tie, the pretty headband or a special necklace you can be sure they will be dressed to perfection.

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