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Here Are Some Ways You Can Extend The Lifespan Of Kids Clothes

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fashion for the kids is something that changes like the wind. Style and fashion does change quickly but with the added factor of the growth and changing minds of children a favourite coat or pair of shoes may be discarded not a week or month later.

The truth is becoming clear that utility may mean more to children and be a better option than wearing fashionable garments. That doesn’t mean you have to sew their gloves to their winter coat, but there are some good ideas to make fashionable garments have their uses. Being industrious with kids fashion can save you money in the long run and create new uses for worn-out clothes.

Footwear is likely the most exchanged piece of clothing for kids. Their feet just don’t stop growing. There’s that and the fact that the quality of some designer footwear for youngsters isn’t built to the same standards of the adult equivalents. We can extend the lifespan and use of some shoes by adding new soles, heels and inlets. You might even want to consider rubber soles for extra durability in wet conditions.

If you don’t have any qualms about taking scissors to clothing, a baby dress can become a skirt with a few alterations. This allows you to get a few more months or even years out of a designer dress or something you wouldn’t want to truly get rid of. It’ll truly be unique as well if you decide to customise the hem.

Kids jeans and trousers are liable to wear and tear, but a pair of ripped jeans can easily be transformed into some holiday roll-up denim shorts with minor cuts. There’s no need to throw them away, as sometimes ripped jeans can look pretty good!

Onesies are usually an essential part of a youngsters wardrobe, but they can quickly be grown out of. A few adjustments can make an old onesie into a t-shirt which can dramatically extend the lifespan of a fashionable onesie as a new garment. You may also want to consider sewing the old onesie into a pouch which could be a cute idea to hold small items in a rucksack. There are also actual onesie extenders that can snap onto the bottom of a favoured onesie and extend its usage over a longer period of time.

If you’ve got some new garments for your children, you should wash them inside out from day one. This prevents them from being bashed about in the washing cycle and the outer fibres being torn apart.

Another issue is problem areas. Knees and elbows of clothing are susceptible to wear and tear. Reinforce these areas to insure the garments future.

By just taking a few precautions in advance or being inventive after the fact, you can dramatically extend the lifespan and function of many garments that our kids will go through. The key is to keep an eye out for issues and fix them before they become a huge problem. Prevent first, mend later - don’t throw out!

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